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(The loveliness that is that FO banner was made by the lovely msmoocow. Thanks babe :D)

I have opted to make my journal largely FO because I regularly discuss very sensitive topics and would personally feel safer if I knew who was reading these discussions. I am not going FO to exclude people, only to know who's reading what.

That said, I am very friendly three weeks out of every month, so if we share an interest or two, and you're not a moron, feel free to comment here and I will be glad to add you. It's always helpful for me to know where you know me from.

If you're here just for the fic (which I don't think anyone is, but what do I know?), you can check out ficsbypunim.

Dr. George Tiller, a Kansas-based late-term abortion provider, was shot to death this morning while attending church services.

Things to do if you despise abortion:

-Become a comprehensive sex educator - teach children how their bodies work, how pregnancy happens, and how to prevent it from happening, to help eliminate the need for abortion.
-Lobby for broader, cheaper access to contraceptive services and supplies to help eliminate the need for abortion.
-Hand out condoms.
-Assist women in accessing emergency contraceptives.
-Engage in peaceful protest.
-Offer information on abortion alternatives to women who are considering such options.
-Say a prayer.
-March on Washington.
-Offer physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional support to women who find themselves unexpectedly and undesirably pregnant.

Things not to do if you despise abortion:

-Walk into a house of worship and murder a fellow human being.

There is no way, shape, or form the individual(s) behind this act can be characterized as "pro-life" ever again.

I have people from all points on the abortion spectrum on my flist. I respect everyone's views, whatever they may be, and I make no secret of my own personal beliefs and convictions; but you don't have to be pro-choice to be angry about this.

I am infuriated, I am indignant, and I am deeply saddened. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I mourn for those women and families who will be in need of his services henceforth. I pray for the peaceful repose of Dr. Tiller's soul. And I hope with every fiber of my being that the perpetrators of this act are brought to justice.

I am, for the first time in recent memory, making this entry public.

Sep. 13th, 2008

I just did an itsy bitsy friends cut.

Absolutely positively 150% no hard feelings if you were cut, okay?


How much longer till 11:00?!

Procrastinating on your Checkmated Challenge Fic - let me show you how.

My interests collage, because all the cool kids are doing it.Collapse )

The Unreasonable and Utterly Insane

Okay. The desire to spill this story just got triggered. Time to disclose a nugget of Gracie's RL.

I warn you: This is not only sappy but exceptionally long. Even for me.

I've mentioned in here that I almost moved to LA after high school, right?Collapse )

If you read all of that, you are a braver person than I am. And thank you.

ETA: That's them in this icon - J on the left, E on the right; taken sometime in 2007.